Schedule: Friday 19th July @ 1:00pm & 9.30pm

Price: €12/€10 

In 1308 Dante began his journey into hell. 711 years later the time has come to retrace his steps.

Using the epic poem The Divine Comedy as an investigatory spring-board, war/war/war begins an expedition through the nine circles of hell, hoping to emerge with a new understanding of condemnation in the contemporary world. Just what does it mean to be condemned? Where do our souls go? And can we be saved?


From There We Saw The Stars (Inferno) is a devised piece exploring how our ever-changing understanding of spirituality, sin and souls morphs the world around us.

Directed by Aoife Delaney Reade who won Best Overall Production and Best Director for her production of 'People Are Happy on Trains' for the Jerome Hynes One- Act- Play Series 2019.

In association with NUIG Dramsoc

Duration: 60 minutes. 

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From There We Saw The Stars