Timetable by Day

Saturday 20th

Marty Moncrieff @ 12.30pm

Recognition @ 9.30pm

Sunday 21st

Marty Moncrieff @ 11am

Marty moncrieff @ 1:30pm

Small Halls & Potholes

@ 9.30pm

Monday 22nd

Recognition @ 1:00pm

Behind Closed Doors 6:00pm

Fashion Shoe & Shakespeare
in Connemara @ 9.30pm

Tuesday 22nd

Behind Closed Doors @ 1.00pm

Fashion Show & Shakespeare 
in Connemara @ 9.30pm.

Wednesday 23rd

The Great Push @ 1:00pm

Alone it Stands @ 9:30pm

Thursday 24th

From There we Saw the Stars 
@ 1:00pm

The Great Push 4:00pm

Alone it Stands @ 9.30pm

Friday 25th

From There we Saw the Stars

@ 9.30pmpm

Saturday 26th

Just Guff @ 1:00pm

Just Guff @ 9:00pm

Box Office:
Aras na Mac Leinn
NUI Galway
Beside the Bailey Allen Hall
Open 12pm - 5pm
and a half hour before each show
0910492852 e-mail galwaydrama@socs.nuigalway.ie